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Map Buddy
It's more than just chat.

Map Buddy allows users to communicate based on proximity. But, messages aren't the only thing that can appear on a map.

Posts are organized into Maps.

Maps are topics that users might find interesting. Caffeine aficionados might enjoy coffee while college freshman might peruse stanford-campus-tour.

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Search for Maps

Search for your hobbies to find maps that are relevant to you.


Subscribe to Maps

Posts from maps that you subscribe to are available on your home screen.


Find Local Maps

Maps that are popular in your area are automatically listed in the suggestion section.

Posts are the bread and butter.

Anything that appears on the map is considered a post.
Posts can be small whispers, loud shouts, and a few levels in-between.


Choose a Map

Choose where your post will appear by selecting a map from the dropdown.


Choose a Loudness

A whisper (L1) is visible for 2 years with a range of 10 meters, while a shout (L5) is visible for 1 hour with a range of 10km.


Configure your message

You can also select if your message is considered NSFW, and even disable replies.

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Enriched Posts are interactive.

Posts can contain additional capabilities that allow them to be interacted with.
Visit a website, get driving directions, and much more.

Screenshot of a list of subscribed maps
  • Permanent posts still have a visibility radius but never expire.
  • Beacon posts are visible as long as the location is visible on the user's map, regardless of distance.
  • Social Media links allow users to visit Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  • Website links take the user to the location's website.
  • Driving Directions opens the location in the map application installed on the user's phone.

Track Visitors using Check-ins.

Users can choose to check-in to special posts. These posts have a configurable range; checking into a store might require 10 meters or checking into a farm might allow 1km.

Admins get reports of who checked in, what locations they checked into, time of check-in, location of check-in, and email address.

Get Time and Location

Must Provide Terms

Access Email Addresses

Consenting Users Only