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This is Map Buddy.

Discover, subscribe, and create interactive maps.

Hyper-Local Communication

Leave a post somewhere in the world and others can only find it if they visit the same location.

Organized into Maps

Posts are organized into maps. Subscribe to maps that interest you, like foodtrucks, coffee, or garage-sales.

Configurable Loudness

Choose how “loud” your posts are, whether it be a long-lived whisper or a short-lived shout.

Words from Our Partners

“Map Buddy is a shovel-ready, turn-key solution for stem organizations across the country.”

Rich VanTol, Supervisor, School-Home-Community Partnerships & Out of School Time STEM Network Lead

Is Map Buddy free to use?

Absolutely. Create an account today and leave your digital mark on the world.


What is a post?

A post is something that is attached to a physical location: it can be a message, a business, or even a cool tree you found.


What kind of posts are on Map Buddy?

Conversations, food trucks, coffee shops, science museums, and even municipal cleanup data can be found on Map Buddy.


What content restrictions are in place?

Great question! Restrictions on content are detailed on the Terms of Service page. For the most part, be nice!

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Map Buddy aims to be the one-stop application for finding any information that is both time and location sensitive. Reserve your username and map while they're still available!

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